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School Programs

Pacesetters can bring a new level of excitement and engagement to your students’ school experience through our unique educational approach.  Currently, Pacesetters partners with schools in the region to support Physical Education, STEM, and outdoor education initiatives.  These partnerships have supplemented the schools' curriculum and capabilities, while not requiring them to hire, train, and develop capacity for an in-house experiential and outdoor education program.  If your students could benefit from an educational and adventurous field trip (see our Adventures page for options), an outdoor skills primer, an environmental education lesson that brings the science curriculum to life, or a teambuilding session that helps them work better together, our educators are prepared to facilitate a valuable experience that will certainly enhance the school day, week, or year.  We are open to fulfilling your school’s needs - whether that means one-time field trips or long-term, regular sessions with your students. Contact us to arrange an informational interview about our School Programs.


  • Wilderness Medicine

  • Stream Ecology

  • Water Quality

  • Botany

  • Wildlife Biology

  • Teambuilding

Types of Lessons We Can Teach:

  • Outdoor Skills

  • Survival Skills

  • Orienteering

  • Fire building

  • Wilderness cooking

  • Canoe paddling

Benefits of Experiential Education

  • Increased relevance of school subjects if taught in outdoor settings

  • Cultivating more confidence, enthusiasm, and interpersonal skills in students through creative group problem-solving initiatives

  • Students learn more effectively when they are having fun

  • Outdoor skills and adventures promote healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness in students

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